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Shirdi is a town popularly known as Shirdi Nagar Panchayat, located in Rahata Taluka in Ahmednagar District in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is accessible via the Ahmednagar – Manmad State Highway No.10, approximately 83 km from Ahmednagar and 15 km from Kopargaon. It is located 185 km east of the Western Seashore line. Shirdi is famously known as the home of the late 19th-century saint Sri Sai Baba. The Sri Saibaba Sansthan Trust also located in Shirdi is one of the richest temple organizations. Shirdi is one of Maharashtra’s most important pilgrimage towns. Sai Baba, a saint who brought together people from all faiths, is the presiding deity of the shrine around which the town’s economy runs. Today, the small town with a registered population of a little over 36,000 people provides employment to thousands of migrant laborers and soothes the souls of devotees who queue up for hours to seek the blessings of the departed saint.