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Dehradun is a quaint and beautiful town in the state of Uttarakhand in North India. This town is well-known for its excellent climate and natural beauty. Although Dehradun is fairly urbanized, you can still experience closeness to nature here and the people who are on a tour of the state of Uttarakhand are sure to spend a day or two in Dehradun. This is the reason that the hotels in Dehradun are fairly developed. The one thing that Dehradun is well-known for are the world class schools here. When parents of the children studying in these schools come for a visit, they need a decent place to stay and this is where the budget hotels in Dehradun come into the picture.
These hotels are clean and have a pleasant ambience which is conducive for family meetings. Hence whether you are a leisure traveler or a concerned parent, these hotels provide everything that you need and that to at a very reasonable price. Most of the hotels have their own restaurants which ensure that you will get a sumptuous meal without much effort or expense. At the same time, the Dehradun hotels are neat and clean and their rooms are well appointed. They have air conditioning for the summers and heating for winters which ensures that your stay in any season is a comfortable one.